Tree-lines Avenues

We begin the presentation of what the Centro de Excelência Anexo I - Tênis will be talking about this genial idea of what are The Tree-lined Avenues.

Like everybody knows, the tree-lined avenues are ways made of trees planted in lines. This is the big idea of this project, turned to our partners marketing : ways. Ways that take us to the Central Administration, to the Amphitheatre to the Recreation Center . Ways that lead to the courts, to the parking lots.

At last, tree-lined avenues that lead , obligatorily, all the people who desire to go from one place to another. There won't be other alternative. From anywhere to anywhere the ways are the tree-lined avenues.

The Tree-lined Avenues will ever be a very pleasant place, totally flowery, with shades and benches to relax in well planned spaces.

And each three meters , approximately, will be an illumination system with a mini lamppost, about 2 meters height, with a very attractive shape that will contain a display put in an inclined angle.

That display is made of glass, acrylic and the structure in aluminum and it will serve to put advertisement posters. Everything was thought to the height, the inclination and the illumination detach the posters. In a way that it will be an instigating and pleasant act to read and appreciating the posters affixed on that place.

The poster's container was strategically planned to allow, for the superior part and after the withdrawal of one security constraint, its removal and replacement. With that, these stands will be brought up to date always that there is an interest or necessity.

Each Tree-lined Avenues will be count with minimum of 6 (six) and maximum of 12 (twelve) stands, depending, of course, of its length and localization. The posters will have standard measures of propagation in media corresponding printed to the size "A1".

A marketing , publicity and promotion agency was especially created better to guide and to lead the processes of media inside of the Center of Excellency Annex I - Tennis case it is contacted.

Thus, through those Tree-lined Avenues ,

  • the history of a company will be told;
  • the history of an executer will be known;
  • a product and a project will be shown;
  • a mark will be extremely propagated well;
  • a curriculum will be evidenced;
  • the company's creator photo will be appreciated;
  • and much more.

On these Tree-lined Avenues the partner will also have a permanent space to install a promotional stand, where, in any championship, he will be able to expose, for free, offerings, folders, products, etc.

Finally, a strong media channel, attractive, communicative, intelligent and with a height convincing power will be arranged to our partners, from now.

At last , who are the people who frequent the Centro de Excelência - Anexo I - Tênis ?

People with a height acquisitive power that practice an attractive sport and people that are always in touch with hundred of people with the same level as them around the world.

Expose a mark, a product, a history in a Tree-lined Avenues it's not just one more divulgation channel to be explored. It's an excellent partner, working in several idioms, it will be put where is the most interesting place to this mark, this product, this history: in the mind, in the memory of who can consume and influence to the announcer's favor .

Facing all of that, the Centro de Excelência - Anexo I - Tênis is not asking for support or sponsorship, and there isn't any in general propaganda .

This company will be partner of the biggest tennis sportive corporation in South America and it will be responsible for the creation and maintenance of its own Tree-lined Avenues.

And the most interesting is: a very well visited place. By the best tennis players all over Brazil and the world. The nowadays and future ones.

Could it be better? Certainly not!

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