Geographic Localization

The Centro de Excelência - Anexo I - Tênis has an excellent location: it will be built next to the Airpot Santa Genoveva (the airport is being improved, making trip expenses much lower and comfortable to the athletes).

The weather in Goiás is really pleasant to play tennis, because it is most of the year, dry, cosy and without strong wind interference.

The average temperature is from 28º to 31º degrees Celsius during the whole year and the air humidity being nice is an invitation to practice sports and even for a walk around.

Goiânia is in the center of the country, having all air companies available, making trips shorter and much cheaper, besides being even faster (air or on road trips).

Goiânia is young, but it has great hotels , a Business Center Building , lively commerce, and it is known all over Brazil as being modern and full of hospitality.

For who has little time , it is easy and fast to get to the turistic cities that aren't further than 200 Km from the capital .

Because of this know Goiás Velho humanity historical property, and accompany the exciting Jesus persecution in the traditional Procissão do Fogaréu , watch the fight between the Moors and Christians at Cavalhadas and see the coronation of the new king in Pirenópolis, enjoy the hot water in good and comfortable Caldas Novas ' hotels , participate of the Ralí dos Sertões ' releasing, know the famous handcraft in Cristalina , the very beautiful Catalão 's orchids festival , follow closely the devoted prayers in the biggest catholic party in the West Center at Trindade and so other wonder things, it's an unforgettable adventure.

The Centro de Excelência - Anexo I - Tênis is located in Goiânia, Goiás State 's Capital . Just this fact would already be the best reason to its building. Goiânia is in the center of the country.

With more than 1,5 million inhabitant, Goiânia has dozen of universities, remarkable hospitals and one of the most modern ophthalmic center in the whole world. Goiânia has a huge support to the residents and visitors.

Goiânia isn't considered just a pleasing, modern, comfortable, dynamic and intelligent city.

Goiânia brings the charming, welcoming spirit of its people.

And, actually, Goiás State has been considered the biggest economic growth of the country because of its dynamic and efficient state government's administration.

Medium and big industries, export from Goiás several nourishing, manufactured, textile, etc. products to the entire world.

The control incentive promoted by the state government with the Legislative Assembly support are attracting to the West-Center big national and international companies.

Goiás shows , day by day, that there is a modern economy, not only related to agricultural business - although it's already one of the biggest national power in this area, but it also shows force in the educational area, in the civil construction, in the base and automotive industry, in the pharmaognosy field and in the tertiary area.

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