Investimentos, Publicidade e Marketing

Investments :

The partners of the Centro de Excelência - Anexo I - Tênis will acquire a Tree-Lined Avenue and, with this they will make possible courts construction, in the fast and slow models. This investment is calculated in the approximate value of U$ 8,500.00 (eight thousand fifty hundred dollars) each one.

Besides, they will sponsor national and international tournaments in the several categories that will count points in the ATP. Each tournament represents an investment of about U$ 40,000.00 (forty thousand dollars).

The partners will be able, if they want, to figure on banners or/and panels inside the courts, during the various programmed events in the Confederação Brasileira de Tênis and Federação Goiana de Tênis ' schedule.

Places with large public abundance will be available to stands and demonstrations in the complex area during the tournaments.

On the Tree-lined Avenue will also be available spaces to each partner to a permanent stand, where will be able to show products, offerings, various leaflets, etc.

Besides all these marks, trademarks and images divulgation, all the awarding, interviews and declaration that come from the Centro de Excelência - Anexo I- Tênis , will be sent in platforms correctly prepared, with the background settled with photos and trademarks of the sponsor.


The way chosen by the Centro de Excelência is the same way already successful world wide and advised by the best advertising agencies in this area.

Panel of PVC with the shape 4x1.21mt installed in the courts being overviewed by the audience trough TV transmission.

Banners of PVC , vertical and horizontal , that will be displayed in strategic points of great visitation.

Also the scores will be advertising products and brands.

Marketing :

In each tournament realized in Goiás, it is going to be either in Goiânia or in Caldas Novas thermal city ( Pousada do Rio Quente ) a big amount of athletes filled out as participants. There are about 350 (three hundred and fifty) young and adult people who are going to dispute directly the matches in each event.

Not to mention the juvenile tournament, the athletes aren't going to travel by themselves. We can count on with the important company from 700 to 900 direct staff by tournament. We're talking about, with no doubt, a powerful to be explored by marketing resources and it guarantees a high financial feedback .

According to Banco do Brasil site 's information, " Banco do Brasil juvenile Tennis Circuit is aimed to children from 12 to 16 years old, in masculine and feminine categories. In 2000, the tournament had, in each stage, a participation of 250 from the best juvenile tennis players of the country".

This powerful marketing resource produces, in each event, high financial feedback without doubt.

The incontrovertible and marvelous brand allocation is the most important fact due to it joins the institution image to the healthy and magnifying sports practice as an educational, a formation and a secure guiding resource to the needing young and a steady partner of the Brazilian athletes.

Through the sport, it's possible to conquer the citizenship, the trust on himself, the adversity overcoming and the challenge these projects provides to the young.

Centro de Excelência - Anexo I - Tênis shows a positive constructive and edifying to its partners. The brand allocation "share" gets higher and lasting indexes that allow variation and new products on show to a lower cost.

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