Architectonic and Landscaping Project

Simple, practical and harmonic. That is the definition to the project created by the architects Ivana Martha Batista F. Rodrigues and Tânia Marítza Fleury Lôbo, without mentioning the cooperation of Maria Koslovisk , some samples of the remarkable creative capacity so present in our state.

The sketches in annex at the end of this proposal take the following order:

01/15 - Blue Prints of Footing
02/15 - Administration Ground Floor/First Floor
03/15 - Administration - Divisions and Front Face
04/15 - Dormitory - Ground Floor
05/15 - Dormitory - First Floor - Divisions
08/15 - Roofing - Dormitory/Gymnasium
09/15 - Recreation Square - Blue Print

Soon all the projects will be available in this site .

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