Social-Educacional Impact

-"Talking about an important project that reaches the social and educative isn't a task, but something pleasant".

Besides, the great task we all have to do is to give support in all ways and encourage the construction of sport centers.

And the Centro de Excelência - Anexo I- Tênis brings exactly this chance .

We all can participate on one of the biggest undertaking that has already done in the country and offer to the needy children (more than 230 per year) and the young tennis players that look for a planned and projected place to improve their sportive skill, this international level building.

All this without mentioning about the impulse given to the cultural and sportive education on this whole undertaking like this will bring to the Brazilian West-Center. This project joins incontestable values in a positive way in the juvenile population and in a special way to the needy one: the needy that hasn't been able to think about a life perspective. But from now on, it will be.

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